Sexy bikini cover for Bistro magazine

April is the beginning of Summer time in Thailand although I think actually there is just only one season “Summer” all the year round in this hot country…. oh perhaps another one…. “Sale season” is also all the year round in Thailand as well, especially in Bangkok.

Anyway let’s say April supposes to be summer and it’s time for bikini and sun tan!!!

Hahaa.. if you are thinking you’re gonna see me wearing bikini on the cover of Bistro magazine, you’re totally wrong!

I was assigned to create a summer ice cream collection for this ice cream issue. I was inspired by tan skin, sun bath, bikini, sea, swimming pool, inflatable boat and so on. Here are some result of my ideas and experiments.


Sunbath ice cream bar.

“Oven”bath tulie (cookies which usually serve with an ice cream.)


Honey tan skin, honey sunbath ice cream.

Please note that all of the menus in this collection is to visualize the idea of summer by using food and ice cream as a material. I apologize if it’s not intend to wet the appetite.



  1. wow amazing prima! 🙂

  2. Vairoj Arunyaangkul

    I like this concept a lot!

  3. ciao tib!!!

    i love this, it made me laugh out loud!!

    keep creating these fun things!! i am living through you, see you real soon, will pack my bikini and we could go swimming! 😉

    i love this idea!!


  4. toh

    555 น่ารักดี ไอเดียดูลงตัวดีจัง ชอบๆ

  5. pum

    i heard about your “cigarette icecream” long times ago… and i found you again in “Fabrica” when i find some place to study… amazing idea..simple but impact!…finally i met you at pechakucha night…wow… thank u for created lovely idea and inspiration!

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  7. I love cookies and ice cream idea.

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