Cesar : Love at first bite event at Eden Hall, Central Word Plaza

Cesar event 

I know I wear so many hats such as writer’s hat, designer’s hat or ice cream designer’s hat as the name of this blog but I never imagine that one day I will have a chance to wear an actual chef’s hat…. and it’s even harder to imagine myself being a chef… a Gourmet chef for dog!!

Being a chef

Thanks to P’Ton from Ya Pan Catering who gave me this particular assignment… yess…. he knows I love something people might feel weird about it 😛

The assignment is to create “A Gourmet Food” for Cesar event since Cesar is not just only a dog food but it’s “Food for Dog”! a premium dog food which attract the owner and makes them feel as if they serve a gourmet human food for their dog. Only one thing is that everything in these menus is made of Cesar and other dog snacks, so your dog can enjoy all of the plate.

Cesar has come in many flavours such as Gourmet Beef, Prime Beef and Choice Chicken, Chicken and Seafood, Lamb, Beef and Liver, Chicken, Chicken Supreme, Chicken and Cheese so I, Khun Ib and N’Mol from Ya Pan have create menus varying from each flavours as listed below.

Chicken and cheese super supreme pizza

  • Chicken and cheese super supreme pizza : Cesar chicken and cheese flavour on pizza bread, decorated with variation of dog snacks.

Roast beef platter

  • Roast Beef Platter : Cesar gourmet beef wrapping on Dog Chew bone, topped with Beef flavour dog gravy and garnished with a slice of lemon and cherry.


  • Chicken Dogchewcini : Inspired by fettucini pasta which made of dog chew yellow stripes, mix mince Cesar chicken supreme with dog gravy source and then decorate with Garnished dog chew.

Prime beef and choice chicken mousse

  • Prime Beef and Choice Chicken Mousse with mini bone crunch : Blend Cesar prime beef and choice chicken until smooth and put it in the suffle bowl, topped with grounded mini bone crunch biscuit.


  • Beef and Liver Bruschetta : Apparativo for your dog… Cesar beef and liver flavour spread on dog chew biscuit, garnished with dog snacks.

Lamb cutlet

  • Lamb cutlet : Cesar lamb flavour wraped on dog chew stick, served on dog chew biscuit as potatoes and decorated with dog chew carrot.

Larb Gai

  • Larb Gai : Cesar is not limited on just only western food, so does Thai menu!! Mince cesar chicken flavour, topped with ground mini bine crunch as Kao-Kua, served on cabbage leaves and decorate with dog chew sticks as Tua-Fak-Yao.


  • Chicken and seafood springroll : Cesar chicken and seafood puree stuffed inside dog chew rolls with dog snacks.

Dog Quake

  • Dod Quake : Inspired by Swensen ice cream earth quake. Assorted scoop Cesar flavours in a big bowl, decorated with dog chew snacks.

It took place at Eden hall, Central World Plaza yesterday evening. There were fashion show from many celebrities, actresses and their dogs, Dog horoscope and of course…. our dog gourment kiost!!

Lots of dogs really felt appetise with the gourmet dog food… so does the owner but we’re so sorry… the food was just only for dogs 😛

For further pictures in the event… including celebrities and dogs…. please click here.



  1. ejel

    Hey, you look good in that uniform :-). Anyway, the assignment is pretty interesting and the concept is cool. Though I wonder whether all the dogs would appreciate your effort and notice the differences.

    Ok, at least their owners do ;-).

  2. ejel

    BTW, the most interesting dish for me (well, not in that way!) is Dod Quake. Even it’s “Food for Dog” you still found a way to put ice cream related idea into. Nice.

  3. Haha… thanks for the complement but unfortunately the dog quake isn’t my idea la, I have to give the credit to Khun Ib from Ya-Pan who create this fantastic dog quake. 🙂

  4. jules

    made me sooooo hungry looking at that!! well done tib!!!

  5. Be careful, Jules… because it’s for dog!! 😛

  6. P'fon

    I like the way you explain yourself as a person who do many things in the same time, but at least you enjoy playing around your work!!! GOOD JOB, TIP

  7. jules

    hehe i ate my dog’s biscuits before when i was younger becos it looked sooooo good, i was about 6 years old, but wheni look at the canned food with mushy stuff that smells so good, i want to eat it!!! we would mix the can food with some rice and boiled carrots/potatoes.. yums!!

  8. Ha…haa…aaa… I agree!! It smells soooo…good!!!
    Especially the can one! I almost ate it once when I gave it to my dog but luckily I still had some concious to tell myself that it’s for dog. Actually I think if we concider it as a “Protien, Vitamin and Mineral element”, perhaps we can also have it!

    Just only one thing, hmmm…. who is gonna be the first one who start this new trend…haha…

    At least…. not me 😛

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  10. ดูแล้ว… อยากเกิดเป็นหมา!!!

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