IceDEA at True Music Festival

IceDEA at True Music Festival

Last Saturday we went to set up our IceDEA kiost at True Music Festival, RCA, as an invitation from N’Klim and P’Yiam. We were having fun selling an ice cream, drinks and sandwiches especially my mom who really enjoyed seeing her favourite artist “N’Ta AF3” by giving him and his team my ice cream for free!! Perhaps one day he might be my ice cream presenter… who knows… 😛

N'Ta Af3

My Mom and N’Ta AF3


P’Kong passed by to taste my ice cream. 

Many thanks to P’Su, P’Kai, P’Jeab, P’Noi and Pa Dang who volunteer themseves for this event and I also need to thanks to P’Jaew and N’Oil who spent their day helping me selling my ice cream.

Blue team

For further pictures from the festival, please see click here.



  1. P'Jang

    Will you be there for next year’s True Music Festival? I wanna take a photo with Nong Jack AF4! hehe….

  2. Haaa..ha..of course!!!
    Perhaps I will be a person who give him an ice cream for free!! Hmmmm… not sure if he can eat an ice cream though T_T

  3. P'Jang

    Though I don’t recall seeing him having Swensens icecream while he was in Magnolia house, I’m sure he can eat icecream since it’s dairy product, not meat!

    Waiting eagerly to join your kiosk next year!! 😀

  4. Dr.Banx

    What are you guys on about? We should talk about TIb’s iceDEA not AF in here! Salute iceDEA!

    Haha.. I am just kidding na. I would love to see you on the job soon. Let me know when you’ll have another outing, ok?

  5. Hahaa…. of course I will let you know whenever I have any new creation… it’s coming soon ka and there will be around three projects within this month. Please visit my blog frequently for more details naka. 🙂

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