30 Things from the insparation of the person who turns 30

Last week, I made a food installation for one of my friend’s, P’ Waew’s, birthday. The George Batille’s book, A Story of the Eyes, explains how round objects affect human thoughts. Batille gives P’Waew an inspiration to write her new book. Her book will talk about the relation between objects where the meaning are not exposed when standing alone; on the other hand, once they are together, the context changes. To human perception, some object arrangements can imply sexual meanings. So does this installation!

I’ve created a series of 30 round food objects, where they would give no significant meaning if they were alone and would unleash specific meaning when together. Eventually, a few of these sexy foods were not in round shape; therefore, I’ve converted some of which into sphere-shaped ice creams.

The arrangements from the top roll are:

Roll 1: Egg, milk, white wine, cigarette, seaweed (comes along with the golden hairy sweet below), pink pepper chocolate,

Roll 2: Fragolini champagne, banana, donut, squid, vanilla, whip cream

Roll 3: Shells, mushroom, rambutan, sausage, éclair, long cucumber

Roll 4: Cherry, coconut milk, lollipop, oyster, golden hairy sweet, garlic

Roll 5: Onion, black bean, raisin, egg yolk, Chinese bun, ice cube.

If you don’t get the joke or don’t understand how these foods can be related, try to be a little “dirtier” or else please feel free to leave a comment and I will explain to you why 😉



  1. I LOVE IT PRIMA!!!!!

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy it’s a brilliant idea!!

  2. I don’t know who gave lots of advice for this installation….probably it’s you!!! 😛
    Thanks a lot, bella 🙂

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